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Leonard Mill Park Project

The Leonard Mill Park project is a proposal to enhance trail users’ experience of the Polly Ann Trail through the creation of a public recreation area on a 0.28-acre site located directly adjacent to the trail.  The proposed park would include universally accessible amenities including: a Polly Ann Trail Visitor’s Center and community room, permanent restrooms, drinking fountain, interpretive exhibits, native landscape restoration, picnic area, benches, bike racks, horse picket line, wayfinding and safety signage, bike fix-it station, trail equipment storage, a trail manager’s office, and a seasonal small retail outlet to sell trail merchandise, water, snacks, and bicycle repair items.


An essential element of the project is the adaptive re-use of the Leonard Grain Elevator and Beanery, known locally as the Leonard Mill, which is located on the northern most section of the Leonard Mill Park site. The Leonard Grain Elevator and Beanery is reminiscent of times gone by.  This uniquely shaped structure is an icon for the Village of Leonard.  Very few grain elevators exist today and many have successfully been converted into other uses.  Through the adaptive re-use of the Leonard Mill as the future Polly Ann Trail Visitor's Center and community room, the proposed park project will help preserve a unique sense of place and provide future generations a connection to the important agricultural and railroad transportation heritage of the area. 


The Leonard Mill Park project will be divided into the following phases.
1 – Acquisition of the Leonard Grain Elevator by the Village of Leonard (Complete)
  • Phase Completed in May 2014


2 - Grain Elevator Preservation, Stabilization, Selective Demolition
  • Remove ca. 1975 addition and retain concrete floor slab for at-grade level patio

  • Selective demolition of former Beanery for future use as a trailhead plaza with seating area and picnic tables

  • Preservation and Stabilization of Grain Elevator with equipment intact for future use as seasonal Trail Visitor's Center, retail store, interpretive exhibits and Trail Manager's Office


3 – New Construction: Public Restrooms & Trail Equipment Storage Area
  • Universally accessible restroom building

  • Universally accessible drinking fountain

  • Trail equipment storage area

  • Universally accessible ramp and covered shade porch to restroom building

  • Trailhead Respite Plaza

  • Picnic Tables with Umbrellas

  • Benches

  • Bike racks

  • Trash Receptacles & Recycle Bins for plastic bottles & cans

  • 5' wide access pathway

  • 5' wide sidewalk/trail along north and south sides of Elmwood

  • Shared lane markings on Elmwood


4 – Site Enhancement
  • Native landscaping & trees

  • Horse picket line & watering trough

  • Park Entry Sign

  • Bike fix-it station

  • Interpretive exhibits

  • Seasonal Trail Visitor Center & Trail Manager's Office


5 – Rehabilitation Zone: Beanery Reconstruction & Grain Elevator Rehabilitation
  • Permanent year-round universally accessible visitor's center and community room

  • Permanent year-round Trail Manager's Office, Trail Visitor's Center and trail related Retail Store

Existing Floor Plan

Existing Floor Plan

Preliminary Design Drawings
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